What is GIBX DEX?

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a blockchain-based P2P marketplace. It does not retain user cash or personal data on the server and acts as a platform to connect buyers and sellers of digital goods. The matching engine facilitates direct participant-to-participant transactions on GIBX DEX.

What is GIBX Forex Trading (FX)?

"Forex trading" is transactions that trade one country's currency with another country's currency. Forex trading usually appears in the form of currency pairs. For example, GIBX forex trading’s common and most traded product is the Euro against the U.S. Dollar (EUR/USD).

Advantages of GIBX DEX+FX

  1. Reduce transactions’ risks:
    All these data are recorded on the non-tamperable blockchain, so the complicated steps of centralized verification of ID cards are omitted in transactions on GIBX forex trading.
  2. Enhance transactions’ securities:
    Blockchain has a natural security defense mechanism, which enables a completely transparent and traceable transaction process in GIBX forex trading.

GIBX Astonishing Highlights

  1. Decentralization (DEX), all pledged in smart contracts
    No human involvement is required, as long as the contract code requirements are met, a fully automated process is realized. It saves time, reduces costs, makes transactions more accurate, and cannot be tampered with. Smart contracts are not interfered by any third-party institutions, which further realizes decentralization.
  2. The company has also developed DEX
    GIBX adopts advanced technology and operating mode, providing spot trading, super legal currency, leveraged trading, contract trading, Tokens LaunchPad, block trading, DEFI zone, FX zone, Polkadot ecology, staking, moon landing plan, etc.
  3. Provide GUSDT traffic in major DEXs to improve the liquidity of GUSDT
    Among them, GUSDT will be the only platform currency bound to trading, becoming the world’s largest digital asset management institution, and the world’s largest Liquidity Provider, and it will be mandatory to bind GUSDT to participate in the world A variety of hedging transactions such as cryptocurrency, precious metals, energy, indices, etc., will reap huge benefits!
  4. Revenue from manufacturing traffic (0.3%) Digital wallet ecology
    -A large number of private domain digital wallet ecological users have been deposited, which can generate income through advertising, channel leasing and other methods.
    -Precipitating the user’s digital assets, the platform can obtain income through financial products
    -When users trade, the platform can charge a certain fee.
  5. Liquidity provider shares high returns
    GIBX is safe, stable, fast and efficient, and has complete functions. It is composed of international first-line centers and cryptocurrency trading quantification institutions. It has 10 gold Russian trading teams with more than 15 years of experience and efficient custody, which is estimated to bring an average of 10% per month- 30% return, and build a world-class digital currency service platform with the following advanced technology and operating model